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Today I am going to be doing quesa tacos with birria made in a crockpot. This is a highly requested video from you guys since last year, so I decided I had some beef shanks in my freezer and I wanted to make it here’s how I do it. Okay, so today I’m making guess articles you guys have requested this, so I’m going to do it because I found beef shank in my deep freezer. That needs to be used.


So guess what I’m doing today, I’m going to be making birria. So here I have a little over three pounds of beef shank that I basically browned on the stovetop. I added oil to a well preheated pan on high and i browned these on each side for about a minute or so or until I got some browning color on them. So I’m going to add my brown beef shank to my 4.5 quart crock pot. My favorite way to cook meats is in the crock pot and I know a lot of you guys love the instant pot. You can do it. There too follow the beef stew setting that’s there on your instant pot and that should do the trick.

I love slow. Cooking: okay, a little over 3 3 pounds of beef shank meat. You could also use a chuck roast, but my favorite cut is beef shank? Alright, so I am going to be using you’ll want to use 1 small onion and in my last video I sauteed it in a pan and kind of cooked the puree and everything I’m skipping that step. I’M trying to get things done today so, and you know what I typically like to add: 1 small onion, but I only have 1 small onion and I want to save some fresh onion for later. So I’m gon na also add some minced onion that I found in my pantry, so so yeah, but definitely diced or sliced 1 small onion. Here I have 5 cloves of garlic. I also have a chili puree I used in this puree. I used three guajillo chilies.

One pasilla chili and one ancho chili, I removed the seeds and the stems gave it a rinse put it in a pot of water brought it to a boil, turned off the heat covered it with the lid, and I let it steep for about 20 minutes until Softened then I removed it from the soaking liquid. I don’t like to use the soaking liquid because I find that it leaves a bitter aftertaste. That’S just my preference, so I removed the this softened chilies from the soaking liquid into my blender cup. I added also because I’m going rogue from my own recipe, I also added once you put the pepper in there in adobo sauce, I added one and one cup of water to the blender cup and gave it a blend or curate it and that’s my chili puree. So going in and I’m actually going to run it through my fine, my fine wire mesh to get rid of anything that just didn’t, but you probably don’t have to do that. You can just add it all into your your a crock pot.

Okay. So now I’m going to add will do a tablespoon mmm. That was like a tablespoon and a half of beef bouillon powder. You can just use your own beef broth in place of the bland powder and the water that I’m going to add later. But I like to do that, so I’m also going to add 2 bay leaves yeah 2 bay leaves and then kind of eyeballing. This so check the description below for the recipe. Let’S do I don’t want that much yeah that’ll do a teaspoon of Mexican oregano to go in now. Here’S where I kind of I’ve been eyeballing a lot of stuff, but really the flavors up to you. If you have fresh thyme that works, I’m gon na give a little shake. Maybe 1/2 teaspoon or a teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon, dried thyme. You can use your just. A sprig of fresh thyme will work and here’s the other thing I like to add.

I like the way it smells so here I have some ground cinnamon powder and it’s literally just like that. Just a little a little just pinch of that, maybe an eighth of a teaspoon works and I did not have ground clove. So I took whole cloves and I ground it up in my little mortar and pestle, so I’m just gon na take again just I don’t even think this is an eighth of a teaspoon. It’S just a pinch. A pinch of this clove is very aromatic. So if you really go crazy with the cinnamon of the clove good luck to you, unless you really like that, but just a pinch of clove, a pinch of ground cinnamon and let’s see what else do I have aa teaspoon and a half of salt? A lot of this is to taste, but that’s what I’m starting with and if it needs more I’ll just add more later. So that’s that now now, I’m going to add one quart of water, that’s around four cups of water.

By the way, I think, with the puree and the four cups of water, that’s pretty good! So come up with your lid, I’m gon na set it to high, and this is going to cook on high for four to six hours, I’m probably gon na. Let it go the full six hours. I really want things to be tender and during maybe once or twice during the cooking process, I’ll give it a stir, and that’s that okay, so I’m going to make salsa. So here I have eight chena at one. These are spicy chilies that I’ve removed the stems, and I removed most of the seeds, but in some of them I left the seeds in because it is going to give it more spice, I’m gon na.


Let this come up to a boil and let it simmer and boil for about a minute or so I’m going to shut off the heat and let them steep until softened that’ll take around 20 minutes or so I’m also going to be adding two roma tomatoes. 1 clove of garlic and just a little piece of onion that I’ve chopped okay, I have all of my soaked Chile’s my cheetah Apple in with my chopped tomato garlic and onion. I also reserved half a cup of the soaking liquid, that’s going in and I’m going to add a little bit of chicken tomato bullion powder will jump out of here, maybe like a half teaspoon business smile just like that, my salsa is pureed. So now, in a preheated pan, with a little bit of oil, I’m using some of the oil that rendered from the birria now you’ll just want to add this to your pan and just let it simmer for about five minutes and your salsa is done. Okay, so I have about 30 more minutes left to go, but this is already falling off the bone.

I’M gon na start skimming off this fat. The fat off the top of this broth is what’s going to help fry or crisp our guests. I thought ghosts that we’re gon na make later so and you’ll, also like halfway during the cooking process. It was right around three hours in I tasted it for salt and seasoning, and I actually added a little more of beef bouillon powder and a pinch of salt I’ll put what I used in the description below. But ultimately I did use two tablespoons of the beef, bullion flavoring or powder in this and just a little dash of salt, and it was perfect. But things like salt and seasoning are to your preference, so just make sure to taste. Your broth came off most of the fat on top and if some of the broth gets into the fat and that’s okay, it’ll be okay, but get just the fat off the top works. Ok, so I’ve removed most of the fat. We remove the heat which is falling off the bone, so I removed all the meat from the bones and now I’m just going to chop it. Okay, my meat is chopped, give that a mix and now I’m going to add I’m gon na leave some meat out.

Like I said for the tacos, I’m only going to be making mmm. I think that’s enough for about six tacos on yeah. That should be enough for my guess. I thought. Listen, I’m not making tons by the way. This recipe that I’m making today is gon na. At least serve three to four people: it’s not a giant amount! So if you’re looking to make this for a large group, you’re, probably going to want to triple or quadruple this and then cook it in a very large crock pot or slow cooker, or do it in a pot on your stove? Okay, so, and I’m gon na keep this turned on high I’ve already taken, the bay leaves out, and just let that continue to simmer and just slow cook until you’re ready to eat it. This. This is what I’m gon na serve in a small bowl. I have my shredded cheese. I have corn tortillas and my chopped up meat with the rendered fat.

I am going to. Let’S do this first, I’m filming and doing this guy’s, I’m doing this like one-handed, so I’m gon na scoop up some of that fat right after the I’m just gon na use my clean hands, guys I’m going in with my meat and my cheese and if some Of the cheese sits on the griddle, it’s okay, it’s gon na form kind of like a crust there. We go that’s one and I’m gon na. Let this just cook on a medium heat till it’s crispy on both sides, I’m gon na do the other one. I’M probably going to add a little more oil for it to cook in, but that’s it you’ll want to cook this till it gets nice and crispy on the outside and melty on the inside okay.

So here I have to get some tacos very toasty on the outside melty cheesy deliciousness on the inside. I’Ve served a bowl of that broth and to garnish I’ve already added a little bit of cilantro but I’ll. Add some onion cilantro. Some chopped scallion is mixed in there oops and I’ll add a little bit of lime juice, and before I forget my salsa now, the salsa is spicy, so use it wisely. There don’t go overboard unless you really like spicy stuff, give that a mix and I’m gon na taste the broth. I hope you give this recipe a try.

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