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Founded in 1926 Status: Heritage, Biosphere Reserve Mammoth Cave National Park (English: Mammoth Cave National Park, also translated Mammoth Cave National Park), southwest Kentucky is a national park in 1926, adopted in 1941 , established October 27, 1981 by the United Nations recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, 26 September 1990, and was included in a World Reserve list Biosphere. Brief introduction An area of 207.83 square kilometers of Mammoth Cave National Park is located in the western United States, the mountains of central Kentucky.

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Mammoth Cave Tour

Here is the cave network is the largest network of underground limestone caves in the world.The main part of the park is part of Mammoth Cave, Edmonson County. Mammoth Cave is the largest system of more known caves in the world in which, since 2006 has shown a total length of 350 miles Cueva (about 600 kilometers), this figure increases every year, exactly the time, he is still studying.


Emirates Palace

Hole great place as squares, narrow places, such as the promenade, where there are 30 meters high, all the twists and flat curves hole, can be vertically split three holes have underground room seventy-seven, the highest one called "Emirates Palace", with capacity for thousands of people, and three other river, seven waterfalls, there are many places on the lake, the famous Crystal Cave Collins, with a total length of about 250 km long. [1] Mammoth is a giant elephant with long hair, now extinct, Mammoth Cave Mammoth and no matter.

This name is borrowed to describe Mammoth Cave, I giant already out of its original meaning. Training Mammoth Cave formed over a billion years ago.Mammoth Cave has been tested more than 350 kilometers of canals and other routes has not been proven, and thus become more extensive system of caves in the world.


A network of underground caves

A lot of surface water and groundwater water and geological Early Carboniferous period (three hundred million years ago) sedimentary limestone together to create from what is called "Wan-dong land" network of underground caves. Falling in depth, as the water level dropped, leaving the level of these narrow channels contact widths huge labyrinth of caves and vertical channels. The bottom of the channel is still in the water flow under the action of expansion. The water in the formation of cave stalactites, stalagmites and gypsum crystals that decorate the caves and canals.

Underground cave passage under the distribution has shown has five different height, full - length 306 kilometers. Caves, caverns, caves and corridors that make up this vast underground complex. The scene in the forest of stalagmites and stalactites in the cave all, inside a magnificent view, there are two lakes, three rivers and eight waterfalls.

There is a hole 20 to 60 feet wide and 5 to 20 meters deep river echo. By underground river cave there. Live animals found living in caves for over 200 types of animals, Kentucky, Indiana bats and cavefish. Where 1/3 of the animals has been isolated based on river nutrients to survive. Rare animals such as blind fish, colorless spider shows the absolute darkness and closed animals adapt to the environment, Kentucky Cave Fish is a strange blind fish.

After thousands of years of evolution, the 50 types of creatures in the cave entrance cave system contaminants modern sewage serious threat. In addition to the cave also grows 67 types of algae, fungi and seven types of 27 kinds of mosses. Mammoth Cave makes this incredible natural wonders of the natural world to humans has been the traditional interpretation of challenges. On the ground to protect 52,830 hectares picturesque woods camping, hiking, biking, fishing and horseback riding, and other recreational activities as long as the conditions.

Here is a sea of flowers, you have identified a total of 900 kinds of flowers, of which 21 species are rare and endangered species. Here is a bird of paradise, there have been more than 200 species of birds, 37 species of birds has softened voice, in which 11 types of nesting in the park live. Other birds, such as owls, woodpeckers, Donald birds, wild turkeys, etc. are also live and work here. Here is a small animal park, deer, weasels, rabbits, groundhogs, muskrats, beavers, Firefox and mountain dogs everywhere.

About 30 kilometers of Rio Verde and Rio Norin meanders through the park, garden canoe additional cost. The river of life with a variety of fish, five of which are unique in the world, there are three types of fish in the cave. 70 types of freshwater mussels, including three types of endangered species living in the river sediments and pebbles. Park trails easily accessible are more than 70 miles long. A half-mile track long will lead to the "Spring Styx", where you can see the river flowing through the cave rushes off the ground.

Some roads or specially built for people with disabilities, users of wheelchairs can get to the dance heritage of humanity from the "Sunset Motel" this half-mile stretch of road with lights in the area bench seating. Most riding trails allow access. 12 campsites scattered along the trail in the nearby park. Of course, two floodplains of the river or on an island in the river are or field of their choice. Inside the cave is exotic and King, unpredictable ghost, as if to another world outside is, Yan Ying Yin exuberant language, allowing you to admire the various natural and human. attractions Explorers cave discovered in 1917 Collins Floyd Collins Crystal cave is one of the main attractions of the park.

Crystal Cave is said that this number is not less than 15 links to other caves, the caves and the Crystal Cave is similar to this huge cave system focuses on the crystal cave. Cave tourism throughout the year (except day Christmas), the summer holidays, and weekend tourism need to book in advance. 08:00 departure first team summer, and finally an away team 17:30. In the season there are special proper evening programs.

mammoth cave, kentucky

Mammoth Cave visitors Center

Cave temperature is maintained at 51 degrees Celsius, so properly wear more clothes. All groups of tourists are starting to visitor center. Summer day received 11 different teams, 1 hour and 15 minutes to 6 hours and 30 minutes range, which also has a team of people with disabilities reception. Guide park will take you to places of interest include frozen Niagara River, obese people suffer abyss, spectacular central hall, as well as ancient prehistoric utensils and nitrate ore extracted in 1812 and left the pit. During the rainy season, all the cave has running water, a break in the slope in the underground river waterfalls, waterfall, dry season, some areas have water in underground lakes.

There are rare animals such as blind fish, crickets cave, colorless spiders, Indiana bats, and blind cave crabs, and other 50 kinds of creatures, some animals have been isolated, relying on the river to provide nutrients to survive. But modern wastewater on these organisms represents a serious threat. What part of the opening of about 10 kilometers, many of the city's most famous attractions, including the great road (Grand Avenue), frozen Niagara Falls (Frozen Niagara, 1812Anglo-American War, in which the sulfide ore mining for making gunpowder. Civil War, was also a field hospital.), and the pain of fat (fat Man Miseria), travel ranges 1-6 hours, charges will not the same. River Echo (Echo River) tour, is one of the most famous attractions, used to take tourists take a boat on the underground river.

As the complexity of the underground cave, Mammoth Cave is rare in the United States led by the wizard only lets Tour National Park. And count the number of turns constantly, so that a single drop. In a little cold (51 degrees Fahrenheit, 12 degrees Celsius), travelers should wear more clothes. Members of the public interested can join go2usatour sponsored work history Mammoth Cave area. However, due to regulations Mammoth Cave Park, eligibility to participate in this project is limited to US citizens.

Inside there is limestone, formed by the dissolution of stalactites, stalagmites, stone Gui, stone, and flowers as well as the famous Niagara Falls frozen (frozen Niagara), 22 meters high, strange, strange things. Verde River and its tributaries, the river meanders through the park Norlin can paddle canoe also can fish in the river, these fish live year round in the dark, eyes have degraded. 

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