Mexican Gorditas Recipe


If you enjoy tacos, tamales, tortillas, and other corn products, you can not miss this recipe Mexican Gorditas. The Gordita is one of the favorite fast-food Mexican, commonly sold in the streets and accompanied by lettuce, cream cheese, and sauce of your choice. Dare to try this homemade Mexican recipe, sure you will love it.

Recipe for Gorditas


Duration: 30 minutes
Servings: 6
Cost: Inexpensive
Picante: Nothing spicy
Country: Mexico
To: Incoming
Properties: Sugar, Lactose
Cooking: Frito

Ingredients for Mexican Gorditas
400 grams of Masa corn
200 grams of Chicharron pressing
100 grams of onion
100 grams of fresh cheese
100 grams of lettuce
100 grams of sour cream
100 grams of Cilantro

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Steps to prepare Gorditas Mexican
Before preparing the Mexican Gorditas we have all our tools at hand and our vegetables washed and disinfected.
We started to saute the onion, finely chopped pork rinds, and incorporate the pressing season with salt and pepper to taste.
Apart from the dough into a ball and make a hole in the center, fill it with the preparation of pork rinds.
We closed the ball and flatten it gently with our hands until the shape of a flat disk.
Finally, we fry the Gorditas in abundant oil and let them drain.
We start to serve the Mexican Gorditas in half and fill it with cheese, onion, lettuce, sour cream, cilantro, and salsa to taste. If you have any questions, opinions or think that we could improve not hesitate to leave your comments.
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